Visual schedules, reminder strips and more

If you have students with autism or other disabilities who need the help of visual supports, you may want to examine the photos and examples over at Do2Learn. Picture schedules and visual directions can help students become more independent, learn unfamiliar tasks, and reduce their anxiety about new routines (e.g., checking a book out from […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tactile landscapes

We are over at the Crayola website today with a lesson that could delight your sensory-seeking students. Artistic learners will love it as well. The lesson involves having students analyze different landforms and match them to textured materials (e.g., wax paper to represent waterfalls, sandpaper to represent the desert). Once they decide on a range […]

Put writers in flight with Storybird

Storybird is a unique website bringing artists and writers together. Artists submit collections of their art and authors can use it to create storybooks for themselves or to share with others.

A guide to differentiating

Does effectively teaching 30 students in one classroom require teachers to develop 30 lessons, one tailor-made for each student? Or should teachers “aim for the middle” and hope to reach most students in a given lesson? The answer is not simple, but an article on examines the characteristics of differentiation and offers suggestions for how teachers […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: On-line collages

If you are looking for a quick formative assessment or a way to let your artistic students shine, you have to visit Photovisi. Students simply select a template, drop the photos into place, and print to create their product. Photo collages can be quick alternatives (or supplements) to an essay or quiz. Or for a […]

Teach the whole brain

Check out the video demonstrating Whole Brain Teaching on Elementary Matters. In the video that the instructor (Coach B from WBT) keeps the students totally engaged by talking, using emotions, visuals, movement, teaching chunks of information, and giving immediate feedback. Sally DeCost, creator of the blog, also shares her impressions of using WBT in her second-grade classroom. WBT […]

Choosing art

I love (even adore) the simplicity of today’s post. I am featuring a great site called The Teaching Palette and the idea actually comes from a guest post from art teacher, Kathy Douglas.

Self-regulation a key to success?

Interested in student motivation? Hop over to the Free Spirit Publishing website to read this article by Richard Cash. It is fantastic and will be of interest to anyone invested in differentiation.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Digital recorders in the music classroom

There are so many possibilities for using digital recorders in the music classroom. Students can get instant feedback on their performances, small groups can work collaboratively and share their contributions with the teacher, and learners can bring lessons home to hear the same information more than once. All of these ideas are shared in detail […]

What do you remember about the Monet?

I am always looking for ideas for the art, physical education, foreign language, and music teachers because we don’t see enough ideas for these folks and they are too often forgotten in the differentiated instruction literature. This lesson at Kari’s Fun Art Lessons is so simple yet so genius and could really work with many […]