Inspire your artists and your writers

Today’s pick works well for any age and has great potential for differentiation. Storybird is a unique website bringing artists and writers together. Artists submit collections of their art and authors can use it to create storybooks for themselves or to share with others.

My own children love to create stories using clip art but the images are mismatched and often detract from the story rather than enhance it. You won’t have this problem with Storybird. In fact, you will find that you end up with a product that looks ready for publication!

Small children will love creating stories on the site; the images are varied and include monsters, animals, and fairy tale characters. Storybird is also a great [read more…]

Online Magnetic Poetry

Need to inspire reluctant writers? Or do you have students who cannot write well or easily with paper/pencil due to fine motor problems? For either group, try Magnetic Poetry’s fantastic interactive website. Note that the user can use different magnetic sets and even a different “canvas” each time.

This is a great site for [read more…]

Adapt literature assignments with ease

Many teachers know about Spark Notes but may not have considered it as a tool for differentiating instruction. The free notes on this site can not only help struggling readers better understand assigned literature but can also make adapting text, assessments, and related materials much easier for both special and general educators. Further, this site can be used [read more…]

Sequencing game in world languages

Not only do I think this game from Creative Language Class serves as a motivating tool for learning new words, reading in a new language, and collaborating with peers, but it also has that element of fun (down to the big colorful clips mentioned in the post) that may just keep students engaged enough to [read more…]

Exploring non-fiction

To end the week, I am featuring one last learning menu. This one was found over at The Curious Apple, a blog maintained by Jennifer, a creative fourth-grade teacher. This menu will help in the teaching of informational text. Choices include exploring vocabulary words, uncovering fun facts and [read more…]

Collage, rainbow words and blue vowels

Today, I am featuring another menu option. This one is for spelling and it comes from Teacher by the Beach. You will find not only a great [read more…]

Word wall walks

A whole blog about movement in the classroom? I recently discovered Teaching Through Movement, a blog created by a middle level educator and it is fabulous. This site is filled with many specific ideas for reaching diverse learners. You will find tips for integrating exercises, recommendations for materials and suggestions for lesson plans too. The idea I chose to highlight is the [read more…]

Bag of nouns

It’s a new month and time for a new theme! In December, I will be featuring posts related to active learning, engaged classrooms, and responsive lessons. I am starting with this fun yet simple game from The Inspired Educator Blog (great spot for teachers and learning coaches). The activity is called [read more…]

Support for annotations

Thank you to Caitlin Tucker for this information-rich post on annotation. I love not only the illustration of the well-annotated text, but the many strategies and ideas she includes. I am so interested in the [read more…]

A close look at close readings

Looking for new ideas as you teach close readings? Cool Cat Teacher has you covered. The post I am highlighting today is a guest post and it features ten tips and a fab infographic that illustrates each one of the tips. I think these tips will help any educator reach and teach a diverse group of students but if you need [read more…]