TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: On-line collages

If you are looking for a quick formative assessment or a way to let your artistic students shine, you have to visit Photovisi. Students simply select a template, drop the photos into place, and print to create their product. Photo collages can be quick alternatives (or supplements) to an essay or quiz. Or for a […]

Teach the whole brain

Check out the video demonstrating Whole Brain Teaching on Elementary Matters. In the video that the instructor (Coach B from WBT) keeps the students totally engaged by talking, using emotions, visuals, movement, teaching chunks of information, and giving immediate feedback. Sally DeCost, creator of the blog, also shares her impressions of using WBT in her second-grade classroom. WBT […]

FUN FRIDAY: Create your own insect

If you are a science teacher or a sixth grade teacher (or just a fun teacher), you need to know about Mr. Hofer’s blog. There are too many neat ideas out there to choose just one post, but I loved this insect project because I am crazy about lessons that integrate art into other subject […]

Science notebooks rock!

Notebooking is an idea that has so much promise in the differentiated classroom. Different students can add different products, a range of goals can be addressed, and artifacts can be added or created. And the best news is that notebooking works well for even the youngest students. Don’t believe me? Visit Kindergarten….kindergarten to see the […]

Self-regulation a key to success?

Interested in student motivation? Hop over to the Free Spirit Publishing website to read this article by Richard Cash. It is fantastic and will be of interest to anyone invested in differentiation.


We are recommending not one single idea or link today but an entire website/blog of great content. Even if you don’t have a SMART Board in your school or classroom, you will find fun tech ideas on Teachers Love SMART Boards. Most of the posts are directly related to interactive boards but if you go […]

Periodic table ideas galore

For dozens of ideas on how to make teaching the periodic table of elements engaging, check out this nifty post by Alicia Bayer on You will find games, visuals, and lessons appropriate for several different ages, grade levels, and ability levels.

I am Ida B. Wells

You may have seen the “I Am” poem generator at How to Write an “I Am” Poem. It asks for how a person feels, what they dream about, worry about, and so on and turns these responses into a complete poem. This tool will offer a fun alternative to traditional pre-writing tasks for all learners, […]

Science notebooking rubric

Are you using notebooking this year to differentiate instruction and let student’s have more control over how they learn and remember content? If so, you may be interested int his rubric over at Teachers Notebook; it is designed for science notebooks and, depending on the content and level you teach, you may have an assessment […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Oscar-worthy teaching idea

Students who struggle to connect to content may suddenly “get it” when we integrate pop culture and favorite flicks. Check out for a huge selection of movie scenes and video clip mashups to share.