D-day via video game

Wow! Even if you don’t teach history you will want to see this fabulous post at History Tech about using Medal of Honor and other games to teach social studies. Glenn Wiebe’s lesson idea would not only boost comprehension for many learners, but hook those who [Read more…]

Flat Lincoln, Tubman, Earhart, Albright or…

There is no student too young or too old to enjoy this social studies assignment featured on Squarehead Teachers. This “museum” allows learners to engage actively, share content with an authentic audience, and meet individual goals. Of course, you may have all students addressing the same standards, but using this [Read more…]

Playing with history

Ms. Rowles, I just love your lesson ideas! I found this wonderful classroom blog when I was searching for posts about classroom games. If you have read any of my books on differentiation, you know that I am somewhat obsessed with the use of board games in the classroom. The Hitler/World War II games I found here are some of the best I have ever seen and I was delighted to read that students not only [Read more…]

Graffiti board review

We try to feature (as much as possible) ideas that can be used across content areas so they may be repeated and learned across the school year. The graffiti board review is one such activity.

Mrs. Harris from Adventures of Room 129 uses this activity as an engaging review and as a way to get [Read more…]

Let them fight it out!

Are your students learning about the Constitution? What better way to do so than to argue “real” court cases? Argument Wars at icivics.org offers students the chance to become a lawyer and argue a case before a judge. They will learn about the case, then choose among the various amendments to find [Read more…]

Using tech to team up

Check out the World History Educators Blog for a smart idea for encouraging collaboration in your secondary education classroom. With busy sports schedules and various extra-curricular activities on their agendas, older students can’t always find time to study in groups or plan projects together. In this age of technology, however, there are more options than ever before for engaging in [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Creative cell models

Before today, I had not featured any lessons from Math, Science, Social Studies…Oh My, but I am sure I will be going back for more after discovering this top-notch post about student 3-D cell projects. Amy Alvis, a creative middle school teacher, blogs about several different subject areas on her site. You will love her detailed descriptions of [Read more…]

Another 9/11 resource

One more site you will want to bookmark for teaching 9/11 this year and beyond is teachinghistory.org. Their September 11th resources are fabulous and include links to primary sources, recommended video clips and interviews, and lesson ideas. Go to the teaching resources part of the page to find lesson plans for many different ages.

Teaching 9/11

If you have not yet decided on how or if you will teach about September 11th in your middle or high school classroom, you may want to visit the resources available on the 9/11 Tribute Center website. The site features an educational toolkit that provides an excellent introduction to understanding the impact of 9/11 for secondary education students. The centerpiece of the kit is a

Chapter in a box

Today, I get to bring Differentiation Daily visitors over to my professional website: www.paulakluth.com. On this site, I do share some ideas on differentiation, but mostly focus on short articles, posts, and reflections on the topic of inclusive schooling. In April, however, I did focus a lot on classroom supports. I honored Autism Awareness Month […]