Collaborative creature feature

How I love collaborative art projects!

Lauren at St. George’s Place Elementary must love them too as she shared this neat idea on her blog.

Each student drew monster body parts (head, body, arms and legs) then cut them out and sorted them into bins. Next, students picked new body parts (not the ones they made) from each bin and glued them onto paper to create a new monster. For students who want to take the project further, offer them oil pastels or markers to add details, like fur or teeth, to their creatures.

What I love most about this project is that every student comes away with a fun-looking project and those learners with fine motor problems will be able to make a monster that is just as polished as those who do not struggle with drawing and writing. Pieces of a monster may be drawn by the monster’s “owner” but most of the project is about making selections, deciding on how to combine colors and shapes, assembling the pieces, and getting creative with choices.

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