Collaborative murals

So yesterday I found a cool new blog that every art teacher, elementary school educator, and creative soul will want to bookmark- it is called Bulletin Boards to Remember.

Photo Credit: Bulletin Boards to Remember

It is a totally original idea for a blog and will give any teacher plenty of ideas for projects, lessons, and activities.

The main reason I am featuring it is to point out the many examples of collaborative murals. The most stunning is this painting from a school in Quebec. The reason I include this on a DI blog is that differentiating tasks and contributions is a simple yet effective technique we can use in art and across many other subject areas as well.

One of the reasons this caught my attention today was that I was just talking about collaborative art projects with a colleague yesterday. I visited a local school for an entire day to talk about my book, Pedro’s Whale, and they surprised me and my co-author with a huge whale mosaic (scroll down on my Facebook page to take a peek) created by every learner at the school. We commented again and again about how collaborative projects allow all learners to create high-quality and meaningful products and to work as one team.

Bravo to the clever art teachers in our schools!

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