Connection & community in the classroom

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I get to feature a new blog today! Well, the blog isn’t new, but I have not highlighted it in past posts so I am excited to share it in my first week back. Changing the World One Lesson at a Time is a blog written by a elementary math teacher (upper grades). I found it when I was searching for getting-to-know you activities. Since building community is our theme this month, I looked for posts that would not only help teachers get started in September, but support them in carrying themes of character-building, listening, sharing, and reflection through the year. Ms. Turner provides exactly these sorts of ideas on her blog.

You will love the suggestions I am highlighting because each one will help learners feel connected and support your classroom goals at the same time. For instance, she suggests partner introductions as an icebreaker, but this activity also allows students to polish communication skills such as listening, interviewing, note taking and so on.

Because her ideas promote values such as equity and understanding, they are ideal for the inclusive classroom. Further each one can easily be adapted to those with unique learning profiles. I love the thought of a student using a new communication device to introduce a partner or of using her 3/2/1 challenge to address the specific social skill needs of learners on the autism spectrum.

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