Cooperative learning in P.E.

With names like Hog Call, Monster Walk, and Traffic Jam, you know the cooperative games on Mr. Gym will be fun for elementary students. We are featuring this link today because (a) the ideas offered on the page will help any teacher meet the needs of diverse learners and (b) many of these games will be perfect for upcoming camps and summer programs.

Many of us grew up at a time when activities in PE were all competitive. This leaves some kids struggling to participate and makes some anxious about going to class. Today, many teachers focus on teamwork and cooperation in their lessons as they work on goals related to fitness and health. In many cases, this means a wider range of students can successfully engage in lessons. It might also mean that a wider range of students looks forward to and enjoy PE. It is easy to imagine how students with different needs might participate in these games with alternative roles, additional cues, or peer support.

Teachers will also be interested to see all of the academic skills featured in these activities (e.g., counting, shapes, patterns)– great reinforcement for your active learners.

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