Free field trips

So many of our students learn more effectively when lessons come off the written page. Field trips are one way to provide this type of learning experience but planning them takes time, resources, and money- things that are often in short supply in our schools.

As a supplement to learning in the field, visit Meet Me at the Corner to take virtual field trips and to “meet” important figures in art, history, and science. For instance, students can take a tour a strawberry field or take a trip to the Thomas Edison¬†National Historical Museum in West Orange,New Jersey. An interesting upcoming feature is an interview with a Tuskegee Airman (watch for it during Black History Month).

One way I might use this website is as a homework or supplemental “reading” assignment. If you have students with disabilities who cannot do much or any independent reading or work at home, they might be assigned to watch some of the clips here in order to get more information and to “study” content that is being presented in class.

This site will have something useful for most educators but may be especially helpful for EL learners and for those who struggle with traditional lesson formats like lectures, whole-class discussions, and independent reading. Keep in mind that artistic students and those inspired by technology may also be drawn to this site as they regularly post opportunities for young people to create and submit their own photos and videos.

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