FUN FRIDAY: Different days, different trays

Seeking fun new materials for centers, independent work, or skill practice with partners? Check out these easy-to-make math trays from Miss Kindergarten. She used chalkboard spray paint to cover old plastic trays and then designed several activities that would inspire learners and help them see parts of a whole.

For instance, she added + and = symbols to let students solve addition problems with manipulatives. These trays would also work well to teach subtraction, place value, sets, and even fractions (write a fraction in one square, draw this fraction in square two, using two colors of Unifex cubes represent the fraction in the last square). These can be given to peer partners for fact practice or can be offered to students who need a visual to complete independent work at their desks.

Trays can also be used in language arts activities. Students can write letters, sort objects or letters, and even draw pictures in the three squares to represent the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Keep in mind that different students can use the trays in different ways even in the same activity.

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