FUN FRIDAY: Golfing in math? Go figure!

I have been saving this one for a few months and could not wait to post as the first “Fun Friday” of the school year. Over at The Avery Bunch, a blog by a clever middle school teacher, I found this fantastic math review project involving geometry, golf, and a bit of collaboration. Students created mini-golf holes using knowledge they had gained about perimeter, area, angles, mean, median, and mode.

Avery Bunch banner

They used this in the planning, construction, and playing of the course. To make the lesson even more memorable, Mr. Avery and his students invited other classes to come in and shoot a round of golf. Students used the visit as an opportunity to coach peers and demonstrate learning (e.g., sharing he best angles to shoot from to succeed on different holes). The possibilities for differentiating this lesson are endless. Students can work in teams or alone, address a range of goals (including IEP goals related to social skills, communication, and literacy), and be given tasks of varying complexity.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to tee up in your own classroom?

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