FUN FRIDAY: Jenga review

Today’s idea definitely deserves to be a “fun Friday” post. The clever blogger and teacher over at I Want to Teach Forever suggests ways to create Jenga review games. (I am so psyched to have picked up my own Jenga at Target during a big Xmas sale. I am about to take my Sharpie to it today after reading about the possibilities.)

I was even thinking of some fun ways to differentiate- you could color code the questions (red ink could be extra challenge questions, for instance) and you might also give the most struggling learner the opportunity to start the game. This would give you an opportunity to at least kick off with a question that you know is appropriate for him or her. Further, different students could have different roles- some might be in charge of writing the questions. Others could design rules for the game. One might be the emcee and dramatically read each question as it appears (good role for a reluctant reader if they have time to practice before the game).

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