FUN FRIDAY: Not-to-miss marble run

Yes, today’s post is really fun…but really I wanted an excuse to get you over to Scott Bedford’s gorgeous blog: What I Made. Scott just won a Webby this week and you will see why immediately upon clicking over to his site. The pages are filled with art, projects, activities, and crafts that can be used and adapted for classrooms, families, and kids of all ages.

I picked his school science project marble run (although it was really hard to pick just one idea) because it is not only very cool but it works well as a summer family project but just as well as inspiration for an in-school year end challenge.

I love how this project can work on many levels for many different learners. Some students may be really interested in learning about design and physics and others may simply be interested in creating something visually appealing. Still others may be able to work on communication skills by making choices (on a communication board or by answering “yes” or “no”) about how to construct the run.

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