FUN FRIDAY: Put your brain on

Teach your students about the human body with this fantastic paper brain hat. Ellen McHenry shares the pattern for this project on her website, Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop, so that you can download it and print it off for your students.

Wearing this hat is just plain fun but it can also help students remember the parts of the brain, their functions, and where they are located. This is a great example of letting them learn without teaching. Just let students learn from interacting with other hat-wearing peers. Or turn the hat wearing into a game by having students stand and quickly point to parts of their head/hat while the teacher calls out quick commands (think Simon Says). In this same activity, you can also have students point to the “brain” of a partner.

Be sure to check out other parts of Ellen’s site while you read about the brain hats- so many great projects for teachers and homeschooling families.

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