FUN FRIDAY: Time for your close up?

Ok, this MAY be the best fun Friday idea EVER! As you know, on Fridays we share some neat teacher-created product or idea- often from a teacher’s website. Today we are featuring the move-making magic of Room 13 in Troy, Michigan. Check out these fantastic before & after images and then download the movie and see these talented kids in action. The signing of the Declaration of Independence was my favorite.

And what a great idea for kids with all interest areas and needs! So many different skills and areas of need could be addressed- reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using technology- just to name a few. I also love that every student can contribute in a different way. These activities require script writers, script editors, directors, prop designers, camera experts, film editors, and-of course-actors!

Consider all of the possibilities with this activity– a great idea for foreign language teachers, for creatively teaching math and science concepts, and for drama students interested in writing and performing on screen instead of on stage.

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