Legos in algebra class?

Looking for a fun idea for teaching algebra, geometry, and other mathematical concepts? Visit Colin Grahm’s blog (Sine of the Times) and you will find a list of 11 ways to use Legos to teach, demonstrate, and engage active learners. Grahm does not provide specific lesson plans but provides an image of how each concept can be illustrated. Check out the image of how to teach (a + b)2 or the one of equivalent fractions, for instance, and think about how you might incorporate these activities into whole-class lessons or small-group work.

Not only will this likely help struggling learners understand content but it will likely also help your most competent math students understand concepts in a deeper and more sophisticated way.In fact, a fun challenge for those learners might be to create visuals for concepts not listed on the site.

Which students in your classrooms will love Lego lessons?

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