Let them highlight their way through cyberspace

Have students who use highlighters to keep engaged as they study, organize information, or remember key ideas? If so, introduce them to awesomehighlighter.com so they can transfer these skills to the reading they do online. With this simple (and fun) tool, students can highlight any text in any color. Once they click “done”, they are given a list of the sentences, phrases, or words they have highlighted. This content can then be printed, emailed or shared online. Learners will also have a URL address for the page of highlighted information so the notes can be viewed at any time.

This highlighter is a great tool for students to use as they share ideas with one another during web research activities. Or teachers can have students read articles and highlight the key concepts as a way to check for understanding. Another fun application would be for learners to write “found poems” from the content on a given website. Finally, the “awesome highlighter” can be used as an adaptation; articles, blogs, and web pages can also be highlighted by the teacher in advance for students who need complex material to be more accessible.

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