Middle school match game

You know I love teaching new things to my daughter as helping her learn about new things even as small as helping verbs, helps me improve and keep in touch with the basics of language. Today’s idea from Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is a keeper because it can be adapted for any grade level and any subject area. This idea is also featured in Joyful Learning (a book I wrote with co-author, Alice Udvari Solner) but Kim has added the fun twist of using paper plates and adding a timer to make the exercise into a cooperative game (how I hate to be outdone but I like her version even better that our version)!

For her game, Kim cuts paper plates in two and writes the word on one half and the definition on the other half. She gives one half to each student, starts the timer, and has them run around the find their matches. It is a great review idea that builds teamwork as well as provides opportunities for repeated practice. Students are then challenged to try again with a new word and to try and beat the class’s time.

For students who need more support, she finds it helpful to make a “puzzle piece” cut, so that these learners can find a match by shape. Another suggested adaptation is to make a colored line across the edge so students can match colors to check their answer. Try this for vocabulary, math equations, diagrams and descriptions of diagrams, Spanish/English, jokes and punch lines, small letters and capital letters, and so on.

We will definitely be visiting this fun teacher’s site again in the near future!

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