Put writers in flight with Storybird

Storybird is a unique website bringing artists and writers together. Artists submit collections of their art and authors can use it to create storybooks for themselves or to share with others.

My own children love to create stories using clip art but the images are mismatched and often detract from the story rather than enhance it. You won’t have this problem with Storybird. In fact, you will find that you end up with a product that looks ready for publication!

Small children will love creating stories on the site; the images are varied and include monsters, animals, and fairy tale characters. Storybird is also a great tool for middle school and high school students. Learners can create books of poetry, adapt a fairy tale, write their own myth, or even create an illustrated version of a popular novel or folktale.

Art teachers should also look into the possibilities on Storybird. Artists can submit their work for possible publication and use on the site. Some students may want to assemble a portfolio for consideration (perhaps as an independent project)– a great opportunity to get authentic, real-world feedback and gain recognition in a very unique community.

As you browse the site, consider all of the ways students in your diverse classroom might participate. Students with significant motor problems do not have to illustrate their own work and can point and click to create a beautiful product. Those needing help with the planning process can browse the many examples already posted to get ideas and find inspiration. And those with exceptional writing abilities can participate in the monthly challenges and compare their work to the most celebrated authors on the site.

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