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There are tons of ideas like this one out on Pinterest. Each game features a different artist and style. This one from Mrs. Humpal’s Art Room teaches about Picasso. By simply rolling the dice, students get to create their own masterpiece in a matter of minutes. There are so many neat things about this lesson. For one, it allows students to literally see elements of a style of art “broken down into smaller parts” to observe. Another thing I like about it, is that it allows students who may be overwhelmed during art class to create a great looking product in a step-by-step fashion. Finally, I am crazy about the idea that this formula can be used for many different artists (see examples on Pinterest to roll-a-Keith Haring or roll-a-Joan Miro)! This means you have a great enrichment activity on hand when you encounter a student who wants to try something more challenging. Instead of having her roll the dice, you might instead give her a chance to create a “roll-a” board for classmates to try.

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