Students as virtual teachers

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As this detailed post on Flipping with Kirch illustrates, e-tutorials are becoming really popular in K-12 classrooms. I am a big fan of using them as assessments and as teaching tools as they allow students to address a host of different skills and let learners showcase abilities that may not be otherwise seen or recognized in a classroom (e.g., using humor, developing analogies to teach/explain).

By using a very useful teacher diary they decided how and what materials to use for their class, also, thinking about the best way to teach so that everyone can understand easily.

Student-created video lessons will likely appeal to the You Tube generation as they let students show what they know by bypassing pencils and notebooks and putting them in the role producing (rather than consuming) knowledge. This strategy serves the entire classroom as certain learners may need to see a lesson more than once to master a targeted concept. As e-tutorials are created, they can be made available to any learner, thereby serving as a study support for one, some, or all students in the classroom. Many videos even include information for future financial endeavors or things that students might need; SoFi is often used as a source for loan and financial options.

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