A fun alternative to the desk

Do your students struggle to stay seated? A great differentiated classroom will have not only great variety in teaching materials, strategies, and formats, but in the environment itself. To meet the needs of diverse learners, try offering changes in lighting like using lamp lighting or natural lighting at times.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Virtual field trip resources galore

Jump over to Reading Rockets to read this great article by Carole Cox about conducting virtual field trips. This piece is not only filled with links to fantastic field trip “sites” like NASA and The Boston Museum of Science, but it contains several adaptations for different grade levels and abilities.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Apps in the upper grades

Check out OTs with Apps today for a handful of great suggestions about apps that can be used for middle and high school students with learning and other disabilities. All of the suggestions will work well for literacy needs across the curriculum.

Classroom culture change

I read this post on EdTech Solutions a few days ago and could not wait to bring it to you.

Accommodations 2.0

What a genius idea! Teched Out Teacher has figured out a time-saving way to provide the “read the test aloud” accommodation to her many students. I won’t tell you about it, instead I’ll send you over to this content-rich blog so you can explore for yourself. This idea also has so many implications for individualizing […]

Math pair-share for students of all ages

If you have ever been to one my workshops, you know that active learning is my favorite differentiation tool. I advocate for educators to try new techniques when possible simply because teachers using the widest range of collaborative structures, games, and activities are the most likely to meet the needs of all students week after […]