FUN FRIDAY: Fold-a-fossil

On their website, Canon (the camera & printer company) provides directions for creating stunning paper models of many science-related items and ideas including dinosaurs, insects, globes, sundials, and even a hydroelectric power plant!

Another collaborative art project

One of my favorite ways to differentiate in art class is to assign collaborative projects. I fell in love with these cool doors because all students could contribute to a fantastic-looking product while learning new techniques and getting a lesson in recycling and upcycling. I have to confess, however, that I am extra-excited to feature […]

Collaborative art (and recycled too)

I love art that is collaborative in nature because it builds community and a sense of togetherness while allowing different students to contribute in different ways.

How much glue will do?

Do you have young learners or older children with disabilities that make working with glue a bit…..sticky? 

Water writing for the little ones

I have been working with so many preschool teachers lately, so I thought I would share another tip for those of you with little ones. Are your students tiring of the same old tracing and writing activities? If so, bring on the paintbrushes! We found this fun water “painting” idea from Seeking Kingdom First; it […]

Got any Cubism or Impressionism?

Today’s idea will help art teachers build community in the classroom while allowing students to express their individual viewpoints as artists. Students at Becker Middle School created artist trading cards. While learning about color, line, and texture, they created 2.5 by 3.5 inch cards to showcase elements of art as well as their own artistic […]

Pinterested in a new way to display student work?

Today’s idea qualifies for Fun Friday but I simply could not wait to share it. This Pinterest inspired bulletin board is so perfect for an inclusive classroom. It allows every learner to feature something different, it lets students show their individual strengths, and no two students need to have the same work displayed. One learner […]

Comic books in college too?

We don’t typically feature suggestions from the college level, but we liked this idea (thanks for suggesting it, Kaitlyn) so much that we figured some high school teachers might be interested in how others are using comic books with young adults. Read about how instructors at several post-secondary institutions are using graphic novels and comics […]

Collaborative creature feature

How I love collaborative art projects! Lauren at St. George’s Place Elementary must love them too as she shared this neat idea on her blog. Each student drew monster body parts (head, body, arms and legs) then cut them out and sorted them into bins. Next, students picked new body parts (not the ones they […]

Giving artists time to think, plan, and evaluate

Jessica at The Art of Education raises a good question about whether students have enough time to practice before making final projects in art class. She fears that she often tries to rush from teaching the lesson to students creating their projects, without time for trying, failing, and deciding on which tools or methods they […]