Checking for understanding in color

Make these paint swatch cards for an easy way to have your students communicate their understanding of the material in a clear but quiet way.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: When art meets tech

Today’s idea offers students creative freedom while also asking them to use what they have learned about art styles and history. 

What’s on the (assessment) menu?

In “From Differentiated Instruction to Differentiated Assessment,” you will find helpful tips on using homework menus and assessment menus as tools for differentiating in the classroom. Douglas B. Reeves writes about how these menus can give your students choice, power, and a sense of competence- the three keys to student engagement.

Check for understanding in math class and beyond

Dr. Nicki shares some great strategies to check for understanding at her blog-Dr. Nicki’s Guided Math Blog. One of my favorites is “the windshield”. To use this idea, the teacher asks the class: “Who has muddy windshield?” The students who are totally lost will raise their hands. Then the teacher asks “Who has some bugs […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Tweeting on the classroom wall

Ok….so we are cheating today but only because Mrs. C’s idea is so clever and so fun! She is using a “Twitter Board” in her classroom to add a bit of playfulness to the day, to encourage interaction, and to elicit student responses on a variety of topics. To create your own wall, keep a […]

Differentiating ancient Egypt

Mrs. Phillips  shares a great method for offering student choice in her Egypt unit on her website, Caught in the Middle. Students are given a long list of options for projects to complete-each is worth from one to eight points. Students must complete a total of ten points and can choose any combination of assignments […]

Comics in the classroom

We have posted about using comics before but today’s post is unique in that the entire featured blog, The Graphic Classroom, is about using comics and there are dozens of ideas about using comic books, strips, and software to teach, inspire and assess. I found many appropriate ideas to use for this blog but the […]

Grading the teacher

Most teachers would agree that regular assessment can increase communication between students and teachers and provide information to guide instruction. Few however, create assessments like the one featured in Mr. Everett’s classroom. This inventive teacher not only used an assessment to learn about how students are doing but he used this same tool to have […]

Multiplication punch card

Motivate your students to learn multiplication facts with this punch card from Ms. Noble’s Class. Learners will certainly appreciate having a visual to track their successes and many will find the act of punching to be fairly motivating as well! The cards could not only be helpful for teachers to assess student progress but could […]

Differentiation from the moment they enter

How do you informally assess learners? Miss. Roeckle (over at Cheryl’s Classroom Tips) sometimes asks students to complete an “entrance slip” math problem to see if they understand the previous day’s lesson. For instance, before teaching multiplication, she gave all of her students the addition/subtraction money problem below. Then she introduced a new math game […]