TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Powerful PowerPoints

We thought some of you would be interested in some tips for creating better PowerPoint presentations so we went straight to the experts at Presentation Zen. These ideas may help you communicate content more effectively (especially for content that is more complex in the upper grades). Consider that many learners with autism think in pictures […]

Do we cut or color first?

I don’t know if Alicia Lochridge at First Grade Factory created these lovely visuals for any particular learners but her picture direction icons are perfect for students with autism, those learning English, and any child who is more visual than auditory. Go to her site to see the directions but stay for all of her […]

FUN FRIDAY: Calling the Jonas Brothers!?

Watching this video from the “Teacher Tipster” just cracked me up– I watched three times and was still laughing. If you are seeking ideas for making the classroom more joyful, interesting, and motivating- you will love this tip! The other reason I am featuring this idea is to draw attention to students who are inspired […]

FUN FRIDAY: Cereal box book reports

Looking for a novel way for students to share favorite reads with peers? How about trying this cereal box book report idea from 3rd-grade teacher Mrs. Snyder found on her blog, Snyder’s Scoop? This clever educator not only had learners create boxes as part of their report but let them shoot commercials to “advertise” key […]