Brain break balloons

So many of the audiences in my workshops love using brain breaks (and so do I). I have shared several posts highlighting different types of breaks, but I have never shared one on brain break displays. Until now! Today’s featured idea from Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input involves housing slips of paper inside balloons. When students need a break, just pop a balloon and [read more…]

Take a toe tapping time out

Today’s post is not new. In fact it was posted on the featured blog a few years back, but December’s theme is movement, Energizing Brain Breaks is one of my favorite sources for activities, and this toe tapping game is one of my favorites on the site. If you don’t know a lot about brain breaks, you can also learn [read more…]

Dance break?

Still stuck inside and needing a bit of a break for your elementary-aged students? Try these brain break videos that Mrs. Warner uses with her 4th graders.