Active learning and DI

This month’s theme is using active learning to differentiate. I will be sharing ideas for games, cooperative learning, brain breaks, collaborative structures, project-based instruction and more.
I am featuring this short [Read more…]

Found art, shadows, and water painting

The ideas from Katie Morris about end-of-the-year art projects are so wonderfully unique and varied. The chalk murals are my favorite. Each project can so easily be collaborative and adapted for different types of learners. Even if you are not an art teacher, you may want to integrate these inspired projects into studies of nature, […]

Cooperative learning in P.E.

With names like Hog Call, Monster Walk, and Traffic Jam, you know the cooperative games on Mr. Gym will be fun for elementary students. We are featuring this link today because (a) the ideas offered on the page will help any teacher meet the needs of diverse learners and (b) many of these games will […]

Read a good book lately?

A big part of differentiation is teaching to student interests. When it comes to putting books in the hands of your students, nothing may be more important than identifying those interests and providing learners with texts that will provide engagement and excitement. The teacher, however, does not always need to be in the role of […]

Cooperative learning in PE

Loved this post by Lee Garrett on using Kagan’s cooperative learning structures in PE. His use of games like Numbered Heads Together and Round Robin is so unique and will not only help any teacher better assess student learning in PE, but potentially help them think about teaching differently, in general. For more on this, […]

Differentiating with station teaching

Today, I am going to feature one of the very best differentiation tools available to K-12 teachers: learning stations. Our featured post, therefore, is this short article by Michelle McFarland-McDaniels on setting up this model in the classroom.

Calling all literary detectives

Add some drama to the classroom with this activity from A Teacher’s Treasure. Before starting a new book, this clever teacher has the author “send” the class a package with items about the book. Students can take turns holding the mystery package and using their senses  (listen to the sounds it makes when you shake […]

Middle school literacy centers

Looking for a new literacy center format for you middle grade students? At A Teacher’s Treasure, Mrs Zrihen has her 6th-8th grade students create most of her centers in order to give the them ownership and a chance to think differently about the material. On her blog, Mrs. Zrihen shared her latest student designed activity […]

Make them move in math

Trever over at Future Teacher reminds us of the importance of incorporating movement and physical activity into your high school lessons. He shares a list of activities to incorporate into your math lessons to offer students the ability to move around while they learn math. People graphs are a fun suggestion to use when learning about parabolas, […]

Hiding and seeking and mapping it out

When Jill at Marvelous Multiagers was presented with the challenge of teaching the compass rose to her students, she decided to come up with a collaborative and interactive way for all students to participate in the learning process. This teacher had one student leave the room while another student hid a stuffed animal somewhere in […]