TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Teaching literacy with cell phones

Check out the brilliant ideas for enriching literacy instruction on the Smart Blog on Education. Each idea will help educators meet the diverse needs of the tech-loving learners in the classroom. The ideas are simple but ever so clever. For instance, the author of the post, Lisa Nielsen, suggests letting students write rough drafts using […]

Water writing for the little ones

I have been working with so many preschool teachers lately, so I thought I would share another tip for those of you with little ones. Are your students tiring of the same old tracing and writing activities? If so, bring on the paintbrushes! We found this fun water “painting” idea from Seeking Kingdom First; it […]

Middle school literacy centers

Looking for a new literacy center format for you middle grade students? At A Teacher’s Treasure, Mrs Zrihen has her 6th-8th grade students create most of her centers in order to give the them ownership and a chance to think differently about the material. On her blog, Mrs. Zrihen shared her latest student designed activity […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Move over, James Cameron

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic is this week. Many teachers, therefore, are dedicating class time to studying this mysterious disaster. If you are one of those educators looking for resources for your diverse learners, you have to check out this cool movie-making tool from Educational Web Adventures. There are so many learning […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Microsoft Word can do that?

One of the easiest ways to differentiate written products, use of technology, and the writing process is to explore the options available on your computer. If you run Windows, there are many adaptations built into the software. Some of these are most appropriate for the teacher to employ (e.g., highlighting key words) and others will […]

Fashion forward vocab

Hello and welcome back! I hope you love today’s idea as much as I do. I thought we needed a little fun to welcome us all back to the classroom so this is one that should make vocabulary lessons a bit lighter and even entertaining. I am also recommended a site inside a site today […]

I am Ida B. Wells

You may have seen the “I Am” poem generator at How to Write an “I Am” Poem. It asks for how a person feels, what they dream about, worry about, and so on and turns these responses into a complete poem. This tool will offer a fun alternative to traditional pre-writing tasks for all learners, […]

Thanksgiving mad libs

Have fun while practicing parts of speech with this Thanksgiving fill-in-the-blank game.  Mrs. Fine found this fun fill-in over at National Geographic Kids. Your students will enjoy coming up with silly words and phrases for categories like “something sticky,” “part of the building,” and “animal noise.”   Since it is on the computer, kids can […]

Differentiating graphic organizers

Looking for a simple way to differentiate when teaching persuasive essays? Create different graphic organizers to meet the needs of different learners. Mrs. Montalbano did this with her third graders to make essay writing as complex as possible for each student. She shares this simple but oh-so- smart adaptation at her blog, Charmed in Third […]

If the shoe fits, write about it

If you are looking for ways to inspire your middle school writers, look no further than today’s fantastic featured lesson. The lesson was inspired by the Harper Lee quote, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” (from To […]