TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Powerful PowerPoints

We thought some of you would be interested in some tips for creating better PowerPoint presentations so we went straight to the experts at Presentation Zen. These ideas may help you communicate content more effectively (especially for content that is more complex in the upper grades). Consider that many learners with autism think in pictures […]

Do we cut or color first?

I don’t know if Alicia Lochridge at First Grade Factory created these lovely visuals for any particular learners but her picture direction icons are perfect for students with autism, those learning English, and any child who is more visual than auditory. Go to her site to see the directions but stay for all of her […]

Acting out the seasons

Another great way to keep kids moving in the context of standards-based instruction! At Crayon Bits Blog you will learn about a cute way to teach the seasonal cycle to the little ones. Not only will this be welcomed by your most wiggly students, but it will be a great way to teach winter, spring, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Teacher-created board games

In my book, Joyful Learning (with co-author Alice Udvari-Solner), I wrote about how to differentiate instruction using student-created board games. You can give different students or groups of students different goals or objectives to focus on, assign different roles to different students (e.g., some make the rules, some design the board), and you can have […]