FUN FRIDAY: What are YOUR adjectives?

We found this idea at Fabulous Fourth Grade and thought it was a neat way for students to learn about adjectives. We also see it as an opportunity for teachers to encourage a bit of movement and interaction in a lesson that can otherwise be quite dull. To create the posters, students have to find […]

Is your math lesson Taboo?

Many times students are able to give you a definition of a math term, but they do not really understand the concept. Challenge them to sharpen their understanding of certain terms and concepts with a game of Math Taboo. We lifted this idea from a high school teacher in Brooklyn who uses Taboo with his ELL […]

Make them move in math

Trever over at Future Teacher reminds us of the importance of incorporating movement and physical activity into your high school lessons. He shares a list of activities to incorporate into your math lessons to offer students the ability to move around while they learn math. People graphs are a fun suggestion to use when learning about parabolas, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Gone fishin’

Finally! Preschool teachers have been writing me to ask for a few ideas for their kiddos so today we are featuring an idea especially for our youngest friends. The idea can be adapted for older students but the example featured focuses on letter and number identification. This irresistable game comes from I Heart Crafty Things. […]

FUN FRIDAY: Multiplication fortune tellers

Remember fortune tellers from when you were young? Kris at I Heart Teaching is bringing them back into the classroom! She shows how to make “math catchers” with your students as a new way to practice multiplication. For students who are bored with drills, or have not found them effective, these paper, hand-held games will […]

FUN FRIDAY: Boggle board

As Mrs. Rojas illustrates on her blog, Boggle doesn’t need to be used only as an indoor recess activity or literacy center choice, it can also be a constant part of your classroom decor. Students can work in pairs during a writing center, or can go up to the board and silently write down found […]

Hiding and seeking and mapping it out

When Jill at Marvelous Multiagers was presented with the challenge of teaching the compass rose to her students, she decided to come up with a collaborative and interactive way for all students to participate in the learning process. This teacher had one student leave the room while another student hid a stuffed animal somewhere in […]

Life cycle relay race

Looking for a clever new way to teach the life cycle of a butterfly? Do as Mrs. Madden did and have your students learn in a way that is not only memorable but fun and active. (Be sure to scroll down the page a bit as she has a lot of content in this post.) […]

Middle school match game

You know I love teaching new things to my daughter as helping her learn about new things even as small as helping verbs, helps me improve and keep in touch with the basics of language. Today’s idea from Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is a keeper because it can be adapted for any […]

FUN FRIDAY: Lego my spelling lesson

With a blog name like Filth Wizardry, you know the posts have to be interesting! This site-created by a mom of three-is focused on messy crafts and activities for young children but our Fun Friday idea is nice and neat. The fantastic Duplo and Lego sentence and word builders featured would be so much fun […]