Middle school match game

You know I love teaching new things to my daughter as helping her learn about new things even as small as helping verbs, helps me improve and keep in touch with the basics of language. Today’s idea from Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is a keeper because it can be adapted for any […]

FUN FRIDAY: Getting your head around vocabularly words

When I saw this idea, it was so fun, I wanted to try it around the house this weekend- LOL! Mrs. Lewis (clearly a teacher worthy of being featured on FUN FRIDAY) at Mrs. Lewis’ Learning Library gives students word headbands to wear around the classroom. Learners don’t know their own word and have to […]

Mapping Holden Caufield

I realized today that I had not featured resources for English teachers recently so I hunted for a neat idea that would work well in a diverse classroom. When I stumbled on Tom Fasano’s blog- yourenglishclass.com, I knew I would find something great to share. The cool DI idea that I snagged was his Catcher […]

Freedom Riders resource collection

If you are an language arts or social studies teacher and are tempted to give students the “gift” of free time or game playing this week, consider giving them instead something they won’t soon forget- the PBS Freedom Riders website and movie. This site is incredible and contains dozens of resources, lesson ideas, video clips, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Long “i” iPad

I can’t stay way from First Grader at Last for very long. I try to give attention to as many different bloggers as possible but I always find myself wandering back to Sarah Cooley’s fantastic site again and again.

Literacy center menu

I often feature posts about centers or stations but this is the first time I have found a monthly menu to help the teacher and students see the options that will be offered across the days, weeks, and month.

Do you hear what I see?

What do your students see or imagine when they listen to music? Do you ever ask? If you are interested in a lesson created to get at this question, check out the terrific blog called The Inspired Classroom.

Leveled libraries

Teachers often have questions about setting up the classroom library: How do I organize the books? How can I create a system that students will understand? How do I create options for students with different reading levels?

Get your pocket poems ready

It is National Poetry Month and no matter what you teach you can celebrate by asking students to carry a poem in their pockets this Thursday. Students can either choose a poem (poets.org will be a great resource for this) or write their own.

Comic book equations

What a fun way to assess understanding in the middle school math classroom! At Math in the Middle, you can learn about an assignment that asks students to create a comic strip teaching someone how to graph a linear equation in Standard Form. I love the uniqueness of it and I also love how it […]