Chapter in a box

Today, I get to bring Differentiation Daily visitors over to my professional website: On this site, I do share some ideas on differentiation, but mostly focus on short articles, posts, and reflections on the topic of inclusive schooling. In April, however, I did focus a lot on classroom supports. I honored Autism Awareness Month […]

FUN FRIDAY: Egg carton place value

Spark your students interest in learning place values with this clever game from Doris at Third Grade Thinkers. Simply take an empty egg carton, write the place value at the top of each column, and fill the carton with small manipulatives (i.e. erasers). The student shakes the closed container, and opens it to reveal a […]

DIY math manipulatives in K-12

Today’s post offers an idea that will help us be green, save money, and differentiate instruction all at the same time. This short article by Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben provides several ideas for creating your own math manipulatives. I loved the uses for twist ties, stickers, and playing cards in particular. The milk ring idea is nice […]

Virtual manipulatives for K-12 math

Today’s selection, The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, is an NSF supported project that began a decade ago to develop a library of interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

FUN FRIDAY: Learning sounds? Light the way!

Support your students struggling with phonics by using tap lights. Hope King came up with the idea in her second grade classroom when some of her students were having difficulty sounding out words and began to lose interest in trying. To use the technique, she gives students a word and has them tap a light […]

FUN FRIDAY: Different days, different trays

Seeking fun new materials for centers, independent work, or skill practice with partners? Check out these easy-to-make math trays from Miss Kindergarten. She used chalkboard spray paint to cover old plastic trays and then designed several activities that would inspire learners and help them see parts of a whole. For instance, she added + and […]

FUN FRIDAY: Lego my spelling lesson

With a blog name like Filth Wizardry, you know the posts have to be interesting! This site-created by a mom of three-is focused on messy crafts and activities for young children but our Fun Friday idea is nice and neat. The fantastic Duplo and Lego sentence and word builders featured would be so much fun […]

FUN FRIDAY: Jenga review

Today’s idea definitely deserves to be a “fun Friday” post. The clever blogger and teacher over at I Want to Teach Forever suggests ways to create Jenga review games. (I am so psyched to have picked up my own Jenga at Target during a big Xmas sale. I am about to take my Sharpie to […]

FUN FRIDAY: Teacher-created board games

In my book, Joyful Learning (with co-author Alice Udvari-Solner), I wrote about how to differentiate instruction using student-created board games. You can give different students or groups of students different goals or objectives to focus on, assign different roles to different students (e.g., some make the rules, some design the board), and you can have […]