FUN FRIDAY: Doing the “Chicken Fat Dance”

Students sagging? Revive them with a song and dance. Suzy at Third Graders, Dreaming Big uses Robert Preston’s 1960’s song, “Chicken Fat,” which directs students to march, do push-ups, and jump around (you can watch a video of her students dancing in sync to the song at her site). You can use this song or […]

Not-to-miss management tips

If you want to make classroom life easier for diverse learners, consider these fantastic ideas from Michael Linsin at Smart Classroom Management. Different learners need different supports for learning routines and managing transitions, but these ideas will likely be embraced and appreciated by all.

FUN FRIDAY: Reviewing treble clef

Have bulletin board, duct tape, and fly swatters? Then you are prepared to try this cute treble clef review from Mrs. King’s Music Room. To use the board, Mrs. King asks two students to stand at the board at a time. The students review by ¬†swatting the notes played by the teacher.

Do you hear what I see?

What do your students see or imagine when they listen to music? Do you ever ask? If you are interested in a lesson created to get at this question, check out the terrific blog called The Inspired Classroom.

Stations in the music classroom

Recently I posted five ways to use stations or centers in K-12 classrooms. I thought I had provided a nice range of examples and could move away from this format for a bit, but then I found this nice article from Karen Stafford on using station teaching in the music room and knew it had […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tickle the ivories (via keyboard)

We are off to Nashville to celebrate Todd’s 40th birthday so I thought why not post something for the music lover in all of us? is also quite appropriate for Friday because…well…it’s really fun! It’s a neat tool for music teachers for sure but also a fun choice activity. How about letting kids set […]