Spark their interest in literature

Many teachers know about Spark Notes but may not have considered it as a tool for differentiating instruction. The free notes on this site can not only help struggling readers better understand assigned literature but can also make adapting text, assessments, and related materials much easier for both special and general educators. Further, this site […]

Homework that changes lives

With a post title like this one, how can you not be intrigued? I know I was. Read all about it on Abbie Fox’s blog, Love What You Teach. She will describe an innovative homework system that makes differentiation a snap and has the potential to get invested in their work.

FUN FRIDAY: Ready for summer reading…

If this doesn’t inspire your students to prepare their summer reading list, we don’t know what will!

Deal up a good story

Here’s a fun new way for your students to learn storytelling basics.

FUN FRIDAY: What are you reading?

Trying to motivate your reluctant readers? Why¬† not create this fun and eye-catching bulletin board in your classroom? Students who are not excited by teacher recommendations, may be interested by these colorful and engaging recommendations from their classmates. Students can take on multiple roles in creating these inviting book reports from New Zealand teacher, Stephen, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Long “i” iPad

I can’t stay way from First Grader at Last for very long. I try to give attention to as many different bloggers as possible but I always find myself wandering back to Sarah Cooley’s fantastic site again and again.

Literacy center menu

I often feature posts about centers or stations but this is the first time I have found a monthly menu to help the teacher and students see the options that will be offered across the days, weeks, and month.