TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Virtual field trip resources galore

Jump over to Reading Rockets to read this great article by Carole Cox about conducting virtual field trips. This piece is not only filled with links to fantastic field trip “sites” like NASA and The Boston Museum of Science, but it contains several adaptations for different grade levels and abilities.

Tasty, beautiful, and intriguing science instruction?

Steve Spangler’s science website and blog has so many cool tools and resources for teachers. It should be bookmarked by science teachers and elementary educators as well.

FUN FRIDAY: Put your brain on

Teach your students about the human body with this fantastic paper brain hat. Ellen McHenry shares the pattern for this project on her website, Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop, so that you can download it and print it off for your students. Wearing this hat is just plain fun but it can also help students remember […]

Life cycle relay race

Looking for a clever new way to teach the life cycle of a butterfly? Do as Mrs. Madden did and have your students learn in a way that is not only memorable but fun and active. (Be sure to scroll down the page a bit as she has a lot of content in this post.) […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Blogging in biology

Today’s post is a bit different in that the blog itself is the recommended “lesson” or teaching tool! Extreme Biology is an amazing blog maintained by Ms. Baker and her high school biology students. The students blog about many different biology-related topics and are responsible for many different aspects of blog creation and development. Imagine […]

Slinky drops, imploding drums, and other ways to have fun in science class

Veritasium is a really cool science video blog which features a range of topics including gravity, inertia, force and atoms. The goal of this blog is to make scientific ideas accessible and interesting. These short films are perfect for use in the differentiated classroom as they can be used in the classroom but reviewed at […]

FUN FRIDAY: Clouds of cotton

I know so many tactile learners who would love this lesson from Krazy About Kiddos. Students in this first grade classroom get to stretch out and squeeze cotton balls to make the shapes and textures of the different types of clouds. How memorable and how fun! This would also make a great bulletin board. If […]

FUN FRIDAY: Space age styles

Capture student interest with an out-of-this-world fashion show. At Science Etc., Kimberly Collingwood ┬ástarts her astronomy unit by giving her middle school students materials like toilet paper, foil, NASA stickers, and paper. Then she splits them into teams and has them work together to dress one group member in a spacesuit. This quick (10 minute) […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tactile landscapes

We are over at the Crayola website today with a lesson that could delight your sensory-seeking students. Artistic learners will love it as well. The lesson involves having students analyze different landforms and match them to textured materials (e.g., wax paper to represent waterfalls, sandpaper to represent the desert). Once they decide on a range […]

An incredible expedition

What a resource! Do you have students who are fascinated by the Titanic? Are you a science teacher looking for a fun end-of-year way to engage learners? Math teachers, do you want an interesting way to teach number sense, distance, or volume? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, get to the […]