TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Google News Timelines

This post has been due for a while. Last week as I was busy implementing the CRM software in my business which I found on, I was unable to post this post. So today’s Tech Tuesday today is a real gem from Google. The Google News Timeline was selected primarily for social studies teachers, […]

Showcasing authors in K-12

Do you have reluctant readers in your classroom? Or students who need to tackle more complex text? Or learners who need to be encouraged to read outside their favorite genre? If so, you might want to borrow this fantastic idea from Mrs. Phippen’s blog. Her author showcase project is one way of turning kids on […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Politics for the digital generation

With the election coming up, we found an informative resource that focuses on available electronic resources. Visit Politics Meets Civic Literacy for lots of app ideas, media links, videos, student-created materials, and general information for your students. Some of these resources would be great to share with families so that students can learn about elections […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Over 100 ways to use word clouds

Don’t you love finding new uses for word clouds in the classroom? You may be using them to cleverly post classroom rules, analyze a speech, or learn about student interests.

FUN FRIDAY: Hunting for nature

We’d like to share with you a fun hands-on activity that also allows students to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and get out of the classroom. This clever outdoor scavenger hunt is from The Creative Homemaker and is designed for families, but it could so easily be adapted for the classroom.  There are two very […]

Calling all literary detectives

Add some drama to the classroom with this activity from A Teacher’s Treasure. Before starting a new book, this clever teacher has the author “send” the class a package with items about the book. Students can take turns holding the mystery package and using their senses  (listen to the sounds it makes when you shake […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tracing the steps to history

Let your fingers do the walking over to to view a neat history activity that is appropriate for students of all ages. This lesson provides opportunities for movement, choice, and creativity.

Do you know who is in the parallelogram club?

Math charts can be a great strategy to help students visualize and understand a concept. Mrs. Zimmerman at Mrs. Zimmerman’s Learning Conservatory shares numerous charts she uses to display math rules and concepts such as the characteristics of geometric solids, a geometry family tree, and this one for comparing parallelograms: Create these charts with your […]

FUN FRIDAY: Get spin-spired

We found this project from the blog Lil Blue Boo and thought it would be such a neat addition to any teacher’s classroom. Some of the choices on this spinner are “on cloud 9”, “a firecracker”, and “Ironman”. You could use these ideas or create a more classroom-centered theme. For instance, an English teacher could […]

FUN FRIDAY: Teaching to tally

Why teach tally marks? Mrs. Berg at 1st Grade Toolbox teaches them right at the beginning of the school year so that students get immediate practice in counting and skip counting, grouping, and representing numbers. The fun part is not the teaching of the tally marks, however. The fun part is how she teaches them. […]