On occasion, we will feature some applications for smartphones and tablets that are available for purchase from Apple iTunes and Google Android stores.  Today we’ll feature Starwalk, available through iTunes for both iPhone and iPad (SkyMap is a similar application for Android devices).  Many learners are fascinated with the stars, planets, and other objects in […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Get the 411 on the QR

Cell phones are everywhere these days and they can be an unwelcome annoyance in the classroom.  Rather than discourage phone usage, take advantage of these tools by integrating QR codes into lessons.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Google News Timelines

This post has been due for a while. Last week as I was busy implementing the CRM software in my business which I found on, I was unable to post this post. So today’s Tech Tuesday today is a real gem from Google. The Google News Timeline was selected primarily for social studies teachers, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Swats o’ fun

As summer has turned to fall, you may be looking for uses for those classroom fly swatters. Well, Dr. Branstetter is here to help! Over at Notes from the School Psychologist, she is featuring rules for a game that (in her experience) is a real winner for students with ADHD and others needing a lot […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Politics for the digital generation

With the election coming up, we found an informative resource that focuses on available electronic resources. Visit Politics Meets Civic Literacy for lots of app ideas, media links, videos, student-created materials, and general information for your students. Some of these resources would be great to share with families so that students can learn about elections […]


Are you using Wiki and thinking of switching to Edmodo?  We found this great article from the blog Digital Writing, Digital Teaching on why one educator, Troy Hicks, is making the switch from a classroom Wiki to Edmodo. If you are looking for ways to increase classroom engagement, you might check out Troy’s comments and his […]

FUN FRIDAY: Hunting for nature

We’d like to share with you a fun hands-on activity that also allows students to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and get out of the classroom. This clever outdoor scavenger hunt is from The Creative Homemaker and is designed for families, but it could so easily be adapted for the classroom.  There are two very […]

How much glue will do?

Do you have young learners or older children with disabilities that make working with glue a bit…..sticky? 

I can write a list, letter, story, or…

There are so many great posts about teaching writing on Teaching With Love and Laughter, but this one featuring a choice menu caught our attention because it is one of the best of its kind we have ever seen. Many teachers have choice boards in their writing centers, but Lori’s features work samples, colorful backgrounds, […]

Do you know who is in the parallelogram club?

Math charts can be a great strategy to help students visualize and understand a concept. Mrs. Zimmerman at Mrs. Zimmerman’s Learning Conservatory shares numerous charts she uses to display math rules and concepts such as the characteristics of geometric solids, a geometry family tree, and this one for comparing parallelograms: Create these charts with your […]