The poetry of Lego

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So today I am featuring an idea that is brand-spanking new and it is nothing short of fabulous. After reading my short description, you are going to want to hop over to Ed-U-Like to read all about one teacher’s idea for using Lego to teach about poetry. Specifically, she is using Lego to teach about a poem’s structure. I am crazy about this idea. Not only would Lego-loving students love it, but visual learners (I am thinking in particular of many of my former students on the autism spectrum) may find that the light bulb finally goes off when this concept is taught with props.

Consider all of the ways you can differentiate a lesson like this. You can give students the challenge of creating structures using any number of different poems, you can have some students defend their structures and you can even affix word/sentence stickers right on the Legos for those who might need additional learning support.

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