TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Glogging your musical past, present and future

Today’s project comes from Ms. Wirth at Wendell Elementary. This teacher assigned students to make their own personal music history Glogs, as a way to incorporate music experience and technology. Students can add anything to their music Glog, including pictures of their favorite musicians, inspirational music quotes, playlists, and videos/anecdotes of their own music experiences. One requirement for students is to interview a family member to find out about their music history. They also have the task of reflecting on their music history to share what they have learned on their Glog. You can check out Ms. Wirth’s example of her own music Glog as well as student creations at Music at Wendell Elementary. This project allows students to work at their own pace, over the course of weeks or months, and lets them add as much detail=in the form of graphics and website design-as they can.

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