TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Share your computer screen with others

If you have ever wished that you could share something on your computer screen with your class or colleagues, Jing may be the solution.  Using this free software (a Pro version with additional features is available too), you can easily use your mouse to select all or a portion of your computer’s screen.  With your imaged captured, you can then add text and other basic annotations to record your instructions or other needed details about the image.  Jing will then create a web address (URL) that can be distributed by email or instant message.  Anyone who clicks on the URL will be able to view the content that you captured.

Even more, Jing allows you to capture video content.  Teachers could launch a website or open an application, start the Jing video record feature, and record a short video capturing the screen, your cursor movements, and your text entry.

The computer’s webcam can also be used as the input source for the video record feature.  For those who have anxiety about presenting in the classroom, students could record work (self-video of narrative answer, camera focused on a piece of paper while student solves a math problem, etc.) from the comfort of home and then share the recording on the following day.

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