TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Tweeting on the classroom wall

Ok….so we are cheating today but only because Mrs. C’s idea is so clever and so fun! She is using a “Twitter Board” in her classroom to add a bit of playfulness to the day, to encourage interaction, and to elicit student responses on a variety of topics. To create your own wall, keep a stack of laminated strips handy so students can “tweet” at will. You can suggest a topic, such as “What was the trait you admire most about the historical figure we learned about today?” or “What are some ideas for staying calm and confident during a test?” or “What makes a character memorable?” This could also be used to build community if the prompts focus on things like how to support classmates, how to prevent bullying, or how to create a positive classroom climate.

Some students with fine motor or communication challenges may not be able to write easily but can still participate if they use pre-made strips or fill-in-the-blank strips.

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