Treble clef music stations

Mrs Kings Music Class banner

If you have read Differentiation Daily at all in the last year or two, you know I love using stations to differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms. I especially love seeing stations in classrooms where we don’t often see them….like in the music teacher’s lesson plans. For this reason, I had to feature Mrs. King’s Music Class for her awesome idea about treble clef stations. Hopefully this idea will get other teachers thinking about how they might use stations to appeal to the different types of intelligences in any given classroom and to add a bit of novelty to the learners’ day. She has students engaged in mini-performances, iPad apps, a game of “Treble Clef Twister” and more—such a great range of options. Keep in mind that if you have students who cannot complete some of these tasks (e.g., a student in a wheelchair who cannot easily play Twister), you can simply adapt the stations so that some students repeat certain stations, some skip one or two options, or you can simply design alternate stations that can be used as choices for those wanting a challenge or a change.

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