“Turn and talk” variations

Deb Renner Smith, a literacy coach and consultant, has a great blog called Writing Every Day Works. I visit her site frequently for all of her great lesson plan tips. A few days ago she posted this great list of “turn and talk” prompts to encourage richer conversations in the classroom. As a big fan of interactive classrooms, I immediately earmarked it to share it with all of you.

I work with many kids who need more opportunities to communicate in the classroom. Some need to polish new language and communication skills. Others need to practice using a new communication system (e.g., device, sign language). Still others simply need more time to share with others and make connections with the classroom community.

“Turn and talk” is a nice way to break up a lecture, integrate social skills into standards-based content, and assess what students are learning as you move from lesson to lesson. How can you use these prompts to get more active participation in your classroom?

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