Using low tech to teach, differentiate and support

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When talking to teachers about differentiated products in 2014, options involving technology (e.g., blog posts, animated video clips, Prezi presentations) tend to be at the center of those conversations. Learning about new ways to assess, support, and inspire students is absolutely important, but today’s featured post reminds us that it is also useful to hang on to “the old”. Samantha Decker, a blogger and creative French teacher, reminds us that low tech products like pen pal letters, posters, student-created games, and pencil/paper activities can be used alongside virtual fieldtrips and language acquisition software and can not only help us continue meeting the needs of the diverse learners in our classroom, but can sometimes save us time, serve as supplements to other types of assessments, and give us an immediate snapshot of what students know and can do. To read more about using low tech products in the classroom, read the entire post on the topic over at Samantha’s blog- The French Corner.

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