Wearing your bones on your sleeve

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You will love this idea from Homeschool Share if you have a lot of visual or tactile learners in the classroom. To teach or reinforce a lesson on the systems of the human body, work with students to create these colorful and visually-interesting wearables.

When I first saw these cleverly constructed paper bag outfits, I began thinking about the possibilities for learning as students created their paper bags. By assembling the bags, students will have opportunities to review the placement of organs and bones and possibly even the connections between systems. As I spent more time looking at the post, I also realized that students can also profit from wearing their creations and spending time exploring the creations of their classmates. That is, one student’s wearable becomes a visual support for other students in the classroom! This project would be really helpful for tactile learners and those with low vision. Because it is a “show” instead of “tell” project, it would also be helpful for students learning English.

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