Welcoming them back

Welcome back to a new school year!

I have been busy collecting DI ideas for all of you these last few months. Many of the ideas I have found are related to the Common Core as I know many of you are working hard to create learning experiences that are connected to new curricula. I will also be featuring a lot of active learning posts in the next few months as I found myself exploring a lot of new brain-based education websites this summer.

Teach Hub banner

Today’s post at Teach Hub features a getting-to-know you activity since many of you are still working to build a strong classroom community. This post written by Kim Haynes is about the first day of school, but all of these ideas will work beautifully all month long. I love the idea of “starting with a challenge”. It’s unexpected, it invites students to take a risk, and it communicates confidence in your learners.

For teachers who are hooked on differentiation ideas (that’s probably you since you are reading this blog), check out the multiple intelligences assessment suggestion. This idea immediately lets students know that you realize they have learning differences and want to work to meet their individual needs.

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