FUN FRIDAY: Writing with crackers?

The First Grader at Last blog is really sweet and I go there a lot for new ideas, but today I am sharing one of my favorite “oldies” from her blog because I love everything about it- it is fun for kids, honors differences, and provides ideas that can be used across several different grade levels.

Years ago I taught 2nd grade with  my dear friend, Erin DiPerna, in Verona, Wisconsin. She used similar tools to teach spelling and writing in her diverse classroom. Students might finger spell words on each others backs, with shaving cream, with letter tiles, or with mini-chalkboards.

In Ms. Cooley’s post, my favorite options are the glow board and the crackers. And I love how she not only uses these tools to differentiate instruction but to teach to different intelligences in the classroom.

Great ideas for parents too as summer approaches!

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